What is the Difference Between Home Health and Home Care Services in Orange County?

When faced with a chronic or acute illness or injury, many people need medical assistance to help them recover. Rather than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, most prefer to get the support they need at home. Salus Homecare of Orange County offers a variety of different home health care options to meet the individual needs of each customer. Community Home Health Care is a licensed home care agency that provides quality home health care to both patients and older people who need personal assistance.

Our agency provides support, nursing, and therapy services to clients in Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester counties. Home health care rates are usually higher than home care rates, since home health care providers are often licensed nurses and other specialized medical professionals. They'll likely handle home care services or give you a list of providers to contact directly. Short-term home health care is appropriate for people who are recovering from an injury or illness or for those who want to be discharged after a hospital stay.

The Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a Medicaid program from the New York State Department of Health that allows you to control your home care. If you need regular assistance performing tasks that are outside of your usual duties, Salus Homecare of Orange County can supplement your care with in-home support services. As a complement to home health care services, many people benefit from prescription therapeutic services.

Home health care

is generally included within medical services, while home care mainly involves daily personal assistance.

More permanent home care solutions for people with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer's, COPD, diabetes or Parkinson's are also available. Short-term home health visits by a nurse, therapist, or certified home health assistant are usually after a hospital stay, injury, or serious illness and are intended to help a person return. Home care provides non-clinical services such as companionship and help with daily tasks such as bathing and preparing meals, while home health care or “home care” provides professional medical care. Knowing the costs, features, and benefits of both home health care and home care can help you determine the best option for your loved one.

Salus Homecare of Orange County offers comprehensive services that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer.

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