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Anaheim Hills Caregivers for Brain Injury/ Tumor

Brain Injuries and Tumors are a major cause of disability worldwide. Traumatic brain injuries, or intracranial injuries occur when an external force injures the brain traumatically. Depending on the amplitude of the injury, damage can be sustained to the structure of the scalp, skull and brain. A-1 Home Care provides experienced home health assistance for seniors, elders and adults who have experienced head trauma, brain tumors or brain cancer. Our Anaheim Hills Brain Injury and Tumor Caregivers are prepared to assist you.

Brain Tumor/ Injury can cause a litany of behavioral, cognitive, social and emotional effects but outcome can include complete recovery. In the 20th century, diagnosis and treatment has developed to decrease death rates and optimize outcome. Caregivers at A-1 Home Care monitor the status of cognitive healing, including: Unconsciousness, Headache/ nausea, Lack of motor control, Confusion/ inattentiveness/ trouble thinking, Dilated pupils, Slurred speech, and Changes in behavior.

A-1 Home Care provides emotional support and home health assistance for individuals with brain trauma and tumor. We hire experienced, personal homecare providers for our senior and elderly clients. Our agency provides hourly and live-in care in the cities of Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Brea, Diamond Bar, Corona, Fullerton, Placentia, Villa Park, Orange, and other cities in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

To arrange affordable in home Elder Care, call 714-523-4010

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Respite Care in Baldwin Park
If you need a day or two to recharge from caring for a relative or your need to leave town for a few days, A-1 Domestic Professional Services, A-1 Home Care, & A-1 Caregivers can provide Respite Care on a regular or on-call basis.
Friday, July 1, 2011, 04:08 PM - Caregivers,
Los Angeles County Posted by Administrator
Jeanne of Downey Regional Medical Center.
"I have been very impressed with your A-1 Home Care Agency since I used your services personally. I was extremely pleased with the assistance you provided. I have referred several friends to your service and thought this may be another way to let everyone know what a fantastic service you provide. Thank you for the wonderful work you do with providing assistance in our homes."
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