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In Home Caregiver for Arthritis Victims

  • Arthritis Pain or Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain can make everyday tasks very difficult if not impossible to complete. Severe pain can cause you to withdraw from friends and family and even prevent you from participating in beloved hobbies or activities. A-1 Home Care Agency has been helping senior and elderly people living in Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Corona, La Palma, Villa Park and other cities in Orange County who are suffering from arthritis pain reclaim their life. Our Caregivers, Nurse Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Senior Companions, Home Health Aides and Medical Assistants able to assist with personal hygiene, housecleaning, laundry, errands, meal preparation, shopping and transportation to social engagements and medical appointments. Our agency specializes in Elder Care and Senior Services and offers In Home Health Care Plans specifically designed to help with pain management and improve mobility limitations. We believe in providing care for the mind, body and spirit to fully enhance our client’s quality of life. We work with local medical institutions such as Western Medical Center, Mission Hospital, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, Anaheim Memorial Medical Center and Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center to provide high quality care to our clients suffering from arthritis pain.

    For pain management and total care, call 714-523-4010 and take back your life!

  • Live In Care 24 Hours a Day, Every Day

    If you or someone you love suffers from severe arthritis pain and need a Caregiver, A-1 Home Care can help! We provide Live In Care Live In Home Health Care which allows you or your loved one to have expert care and assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Having 24 hour round the clock care means you have the help and companionship you need and deserve day and night.

    For in home care around the clock, call 714-523-4010 and speak with a friendly Case Manager.

  • Staying Independent and Active with Expert Care

    A-1 Home Care Agency believes in providing total care to our clients. We care for you mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and well- being. When it comes to Arthritis Pain Management, we follow established In Home Health Care procedures that have been proven successful. Our expert and well trained Live In Caregivers, Nurse Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Senior Companions, Elder Home Health Aides and Medical Assistants are able to help you with personal hygiene, housecleaning, laundry, errands, pain management, meal preparation, shopping, changing bed linens, physical therapy, mobility issues and transportation to medical or social appointments.
    Our Total Care In Home Health Plan Includes:

    ♦  Assistance with Activities of Daily Living: household cleaning and chores, errands, meal preparation help ease your daily physical burden and promote a healthy environment
    ♦  Medication Reminders: assures the right medications are taken as prescribed and in the correct dosages
    ♦  Low Impact Exercise: Low-impact, moderate physical activities that are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation® such as swimming, walking and Tai Chi help to minimize and manage arthritis symptoms such as pain and swelling of joints.
    ♦  Socializing: connectivity and interaction with others takes the mind off the pain and lifts the spirit. This is a helpful aspect in arthritis care.
    ♦  Pursuit of Hobbies: focusing on and engaging in pleasurable activities improves the quality of living
    ♦  Transportation Needs: we provide transportation to medical appointments to maintain health of client and to social engagements to allow interaction with friends and family which lifts the spirit.

    Improve the life of someone you love today, call 714-523-4010 today.

  • Having an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

    Pain is the way our bodies let us know something is wrong, causing us to stop the activity that hurts. With Arthritis Pain, there is a direct link to emotional well-being and physical health. Arthritis pain causes seniors and elderly individuals to withdraw from social interactions and to stop participating in enjoyable hobbies and activities. This withdrawal isolates the person, leaving them with nothing but the pain to focus on. A-1 Home Care Agency’s Live In Caregivers, Senior Companions, Nurse Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Home Health Aides and Medical Assistants provide companionship and encourage physical exercise to lessen the impact of the pain, improving the client’s quality of life.

    To improve your quality of life, call 714-523-4010 today!

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